Two Lives Well Led

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15 Jan 1955 - St Mary's Church, Wimbledon
15 Jan 2005 - The Cricket Pavilion, Lindford

Welcome to this Wiki, which is dedicated to my parents, George and Betty Wilson.

As I go through their papers, I have been discovering cuttings, photographs and all kinds of details about their lives and the roles they played in the community. Rather than lose these completely, it seemed a good idea to create an online file of them accessible to anyone interested in the history of the area as well as any relatives or friends who might like to know more about them now that they are no longer here to ask!

As with any 'Wiki', simply click on any words in colour and you will go to a further page.

Betty Wilson

(nee Bartlett) (b 03 May 1929 - d 16 Dec 2013)

George Wilson

(b 04 Jan 1928 - d 30 Mar 2014)

Please feel free to browse and let me know of new information that you feel should be referred to either internally or via external sites.

Thank you

Graham Wilson

b 02 April 1958 -